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Why Downtown Las Vegas Is Investment Worthy?

Why Downtown Las Vegas Is Investment Worthy?


Sometimes I feel like the poster child for investing downtown. I have clients tell me “well I thought you only sell DTLV”. My answer is No, not just Downtown!

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The first thing is understanding your wants from your needs; whether it is investing in your first home or a commercial lease. Its takes tons of research and experience in understanding the city you wish to live. Also, take into account, the community and the finances that will help you maintain that investment. I am proud to be a translator for my clients helping them through the process and clarifying the confusing language of Real Estate from CMA’s (comparative market analysis for residential) to ROI’s ( Returning On Investments) and much more.

Downtown’s in any city are all about location,they generally are in the middle of the city. They also hold the most history in the city.

There are many sprinkles of evidence why these communities historically prove to be abandoned and then reinvested in. The census tracks the city’s gentrification, to help you understand and follow your investments based on location. Opportunity Zones are one example of distressed census tracts that meet eligibility requirements by the federal government.

The Class Divide is a great documentary film about gentrification that explains examples from New York that are similar to the ones that we are starting to experience here in Downtown Las Vegas. I highly recommend watching it on HBO if you are interested in more information. 

Parts of Downtown Las Vegas are in the opportunity zones that are rewarding not only the unconventional developers such as the Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project but also the very conventional, Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, who funded the Smith Center. The Smith Center’s Symphony Park is just broke ground in May to join the much needed moderate income housing community in Downtown Las Vegas.

Follow the money and then choose your investment vehicle; all roads lead to building wealth for you, yours, and your community. Find your way home in Las Vegas and contact Vegas Live Work for more information.

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Tracie Green

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