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What’s in a commercial lease?

While there are many similarities between a Commercial Lease and a Residential Lease, there are also many differences.
Commercial leases tend to be for longer periods, and allow for things that residential leases do not, such as:

  • Renovations to match branding or professional needs (as permitted by a landlord)
  • Exclusive use, which can limit how many professionals in the same industry use the building
  • Parking for customers, which may be included in the rent, or added as a fee
  • Property taxes and operating costs/utilities for the building as a whole
  • Business terms, such as what the space may be used for

Las Vegas real estate leasing for commercial properties

When considering commercial real estate for your business, it isn’t a question of simply whether or not you need it. It’s a question of what kind you need, and what your options are within that specification.

  • Professional Office Space
  • Restaurants and Eateries
  • Retail

Should I Buy or Rent?

Commercial real estate tends to be pricey. Some spaces only allow for leasing, such as malls or office buildings. A standalone building may cost you less, but unless you plan to rent it out, you won’t make any profit off of it.

Commercial real estate is mostly purchased by real estate investors, who renovate or upgrade the space, then lease it to other businesses.

Renting also takes a lot of the responsibility off of you, the business owner, since it’s up to the landlord to see to the building, arrange for payments, and ensure that all of the health and safety standards are met. As a small business owner, it can be a big weight off of your shoulders to only have to worry about the success of your enterprise, instead of managing a new real estate investment on top of it.


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