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Should I Dorm, Rent, or Live on campus or off campus as a UNLV student?

Should I Dorm, Rent, or Live on campus or off campus as a UNLV student?

Moving to Las Vegas? The first question to answer is: where should I live? There’s on campus student housing, off campus student sponsored housing, and the option to rent outside of school all around town. Vegas Live Work is here to help, but this overview will get you started.


Plans range anywhere from $2,700 – $3,520 per semester. Plus Additional fees to include: application fee; $125, reservation fee; $325 credit towards tuition, required dining plans between $2,082 – $2,650, and various additional fees, *case by case.  All in all; living on campus comes out to between $4,907 – $6,295 per semester, 5 months, or between 981.00 – 1,259.00 per month. While living on campus is more convenient getting from class to class, it isn’t exactly the most convenient in regards to budget. I choose to not live On Campus. See more about UNLV Residence Hall Costs and UNLV Dining Plans. 

UNLV students dorm options

*Image courtesy of The Degree*


UNLV student sponsored housing offers more leeway in regards to budget and is within walking distance to campus. 2 UNLV sponsored plans include Legacy LV, the older apartment style arrangements and The Degree, the brand new apartments.

The Degree has 3 floor plans currently available; 4 bedroom x 4 bathroom units, 4 bedroom x 2 bathroom units, & 2 bedroom x 2 bathroom units. Prices go from $500 per month to 1100 per month. The Degree

*Image courtesy of Legacy*

Legacy LV units are 2 bedroom x 1 bathroom. They have a newer gated area and an older area that isn’t gated. Price points go from $480 – $540 per month. Legacy

The caveats in living off campus is the amount of lease time you are locked into, a full year vs a single semester and the waitlist/limited availability of these units. I am currently living off campus and loving it. As I am going into my senior year at UNLV, I am constantly looking and comparing different places to live around town and off campus.

I will be updating you on my search for my next home. If you are a student looking to find the next place to call home, feel free to reach out to Vegas Live Work.

All content is researched, written and owned by VegasLiveWork.

By Melissa Del Rosario


Melissa Del Rosario

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